I’m Trying to Ooze Here

I did something annoying last night. I went to bed late. Abnormally late. 1 AM. But in the process, I discovered something.

Although I don’t agree with the reasons for the rating of the movie ‘Mortdecai’ with Johnny Depp, the whole concept of the film enthralls me. Heists, globe-trotting, art dealing, detective work, and Johnny Depp humor plastered throughout.

It’s a nice call back to the oldies that made one of these at least once a year (that’s without going to look it up).

Aside from all that, I discovered something. I already said that.

It was not a discovery so much as it was a revelation. It was already uncovered. I just had to see it. Although staying up late most likely will intrude on my free time for the next day, the best ideas that I have tend to come out when my left brain has clocked out for the day, leaving my right brain in the office by himself.

I couldn’t believe it. Within a matter of fewer than thirty minutes, I had a character specific flaws and goals to push an idea into a story.

So, now I implore you to do this heinous thing of staying up way past your bed time with some hot chocolate, tea, and/or coffee, and to get into the mood that you know allows your right brain to kick the left brain out and say, “I’m trying to ooze here”.

Throw the ideas out onto the page. Get an internal goal, and external goal, a psychological flaw, and a moral flaw for your main character at least. Get your set pieces in. Throw ideas for things you know you want to have in your piece of writing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: brainstorm in the middle of the night, preferably much later than you’re used to being up. Or at least, give it a try anyway.

You often hear people tell you to get up from a good night’s rest and start writing then. Well, why not try doing it the opposite? Fall asleep throwing ideas out onto that page, screen, whatever.

And remember to make it j/LARGE.