Red Ink

I recently looked at an old, forgotten draft of a book I said I was going to publish in November, and then in June. Maybe you remember it. It was covered in red ink and to be honest, I don’t remember why I stopped working on it. Oh, right. Yeah…


While I was looking at that draft, I realized I wanted to make changes to it (on top of the ones already inked out on the page). I got deeper into it and found myself enjoying getting back into it. Maybe that’s why they say let something sit awhile after you’ve finished a complete first draft.

So, if you’re stuck, I really hope I can help you by throwing this tidbit out there: try editing something you haven’t looked at in awhile. Try rewriting a scene in Alice in Wonderland, or Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, or something you’ve written yourself. And try this as well, don’t look for a better way to write something. Look for how bad the piece is already. Or at least be negative about it.

Consider this post a writing prompt (or even a writing command, if I may be so bold)!

How about you? Have you already tried this before? Let me know down below and perhaps we can make each other’s day? Hey, that would be awesome. Why don’t you? Go ahead, make my day.