Shortly, Simply, and Sweetly

All right. Maybe you couldn’t tell, but I’m having a writer’s complex thingy or whatever you want to call it. I don’t really know what my life is doing to me right now. I’ve got a part time job that I’m saving using to save money for college, I’m trying to get ready for college (if that ever happens), I love to write, and I get stressed out majorly with the thought of having to market a book as soon as I have the outline done. Maybe that’s not the right wording for that idea, but I don’t really think I can keep saying “I have a blog” and blog as avidly as I do.

So, to put it shortly, simply, and sweetly: this will be my last post for┬áseveral years. I’m going to write for the sheer fun of it and just have fun writing for the sheer joy of it when I have free time. Bruce Wayne is leaving Gotham. Good luck!

And as always (or most of the time), remember to stay j-LARGE.