Shortly, Simply, and Sweetly

All right. Maybe you couldn’t tell, but I’m having a writer’s complex thingy or whatever you want to call it. I don’t really know what my life is doing to me right now. I’ve got a part time job that I’m saving using to save money for college, I’m trying to get ready for college (if that ever happens), I love to write, and I get stressed out majorly with the thought of having to market a book as soon as I have the outline done. Maybe that’s not the right wording for that idea, but I don’t really think I can keep saying “I have a blog” and blog as avidly as I do.

So, to put it shortly, simply, and sweetly: this will be my last post for several years. I’m going to write for the sheer fun of it and just have fun writing for the sheer joy of it when I have free time. Bruce Wayne is leaving Gotham. Good luck!

And as always (or most of the time), remember to stay j-LARGE.


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