Guns Are So Important

Happy Independence Day!

Today, Americans celebrate the ideals and values that this country was founded on. We are not celebrating the selfish human beings that merely hold the titles in this our government of the United States of America.

We are not celebrating those selfish human beings because they will die. The ideals and the values live on. They are eternal. They are of our almighty Creator and God.

I watched the Lone Ranger. I started it yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning. I know full well there are plenty of people who could say some pretty nasty things about that movie, but I loved it. I also know that there is a good handful of people who would join me in watching it this 4th of July.

The movie shows us some of America’s most breathtaking scenery and it’s a movie in favor of guns!

Guns are so important. You have no idea. Unless you agree with me, then you have more than the idea.

If Hillary the Hag gets elected, we probably should disarm her whole freaking Secret Service.

Just saying.

So, I don’t have much to say right now. This post was just because I wanted to make sure I got another post up. 🙂

Plus, why not post something on the 4th of July?

On the subject of the writer’s life, I haven’t done much reading. I have started the speech by Samuel West called, ‘On the Right to Rebel’. Appropriate for the holiday and these times.

I have written a few things. But not enough to inspire others wallowing at the bottom of the writer’s block.

I haven’t really moved on from my trilogy to something big. I sort of had a brainstorm to write about my family’s story within the past twenty years with an Avengers feel to it. Multi-layered and several subplots with backstories and interweaving and all that.

I don’t know if I talked about it in my last post, but I have a ‘gangsta’ screenplay in the works. Just the outline and some character labs, but other than that – nothing.

I want to have a lot of vignettes of the 1930s in this screenplay. I just want a simple, yet powerful story with a fun story set in a suspenseful world. I want to get back to the way movies used to be made.

So, anyway… I’ll get back to you in a day or so. Definitely not after a week.

Happy Independence Day!


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